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proof my house is haunted

so i took this picture a long time ago one night. and i never noticed anything weird about it until yesterday night.
so creepy.
[look in the porch windows]
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just after i took that picture i took this one.
but i just started to feel really weird.. like someone was watching me. so i ran inside. i uploaded the pictures the next day and yeh. weird purpleness thing near me..

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here's a close up [theres two of em..]
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the one with the blue arrow looks like a girl to me.. sitting on our porch swing.
and the one with the white arrow, i cant really tell what it is. but it's somethang weird. yah.
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only one person hasnt been able to see it. but about 8 other people have seen it.
so creepy.
my uncles grew up in this house, they swear to this day it's haunted.
ive heard little kids laughing at 3.30 am before.
i randomly will feel really weird like someone is watching me. ive even had friends see and hear crazy things sometimes.
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